Artist Spotlight: January

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to kick things off this January by highlighting an artist who is one of my favorites! An Artist who went against the grain creating work that was highly criticized, but also celebrated. A painter who focused his entire life on his art. He made very political pieces for his time causing the viewer to feel uncomfortable but also starting a conversation. Making images where nude females made eye contact with the viewer and depicting battle scenes, he was often criticized for making art that portrayed what he saw rather than what society wanted to see.....I present to you Édouard Manet.

Born: January 23rd, 1832 in Paris, France

Parents: Auguste Édouard Manet and Eugénie Désirée Manet

Siblings: Eugène Manet

Spouse: Suzanne Leenhoff

Children:  Léon-Edouard Koëlla Leenhoff

Content: Female Nudes and Battle Scenes

Style: Impressionism and Realism

Died: April 30th, 1883 in Paris, France

Quote: "The attacks of which I have been the object have broken the spring of life in me... People don't realize what it feels like to be constantly insulted."

This is just a scratch on the surface of the life of Manet and I recommend spending some time looking through my sources below for more facts and visuals! Happy reading everyone!


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