Big move, big changes!

Hello everyone!

I just realized that I haven’t added to the Fall But Once blog since March so it is probably time for an update! The latest and greatest news is that I just pulled the trigger on moving and finally made my way back to Drummond Island from Chicago. I will be working at the headstart here on the island as well as continuing the online portion of Fall But Once. With Covid changing my plans for this year, I don’t foresee shows starting again anytime soon so I wanted to take my little shop on the road and find my next adventure while I had the chance.

As far as art goes, I will be adding more originals and prints to the site over the coming weeks as well as a new variety of knitwear to kick off the Fall season!

My sewing machine broke in the move so I have to scope out a new one while I mourn the loss of the little engine that got me through elementary school, high school, college and adulthood. Sewn items might be on delay for a bit but anything I have listed on my site as of now is still available. I am already on the hunt for the machine that will carry me through my next adventure so I will hopefully be back to sewing very soon.

I will try to post more about my adventures on here as well as on my Instagram @fallbutonce and as always, thanks for stopping by and shopping my small handmade biz! 💕💕

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