Fall Fashion Picks

As the sun starts setting earlier and the stores line their windows with pumpkins, we start to think about all of the new items we want to add to our Fall wardrobe.

I wanted to design a fee budget friendly pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching this season. If you are working on a capsule wardrobe, these might just be some options to add to your collection.

1. The marbled leggings with a matching sweatshirt!

First Off, this sweatshirt is gender neattal and can be paired with the matching marbles leggings as well as any other legging, denim, khaki, joggers, the list goes on. This simple set was designed with the popular earth tones in mind with fashion trend setters predicting that shades of beige will be the way to go.

2. Scarves in every color...

This year I wanted to make a look for everyone, so with that in mind, there are infinity scarves, regular scarves, scarves with fringe, and stripes available on my website. If you can’t find the perfect one, just message me with your color pick and I can make that happen!

Scarves run for $20 each and some are even less in my ‘Sale’ section!

3. Knit Crop Tops!

I designed these new little tops with Summer still on my brain so I wanted to make a sort of all year crop. These casual pieces can be worn by themselves, over a long sleeved shirt, under a blazer, or over a swimsuit for the perfect all year bargain at just $20 each!

Swing by my website www.fallbutonce.com for more Autumn fashion!

Happy Shopping!


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