Fall Favorites

Tonight, as I was packing up at my show I thought about how brisk the air is and how the cool wind was telling me that Fall is just around the corner. With thoughts of Autumn and pumpkin spice running through my brain I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite things about the season with all of you...


From leaves to fashion, I love the warm hues of Autumn. I love how vibrant the world gets and how cozy the browns make it at the same time.

2. Beverages

Of course we hear about everyone’s love for pumpkin spice which I also enjoy, but when the apple and pumpkin beers come around I am in my happy place. Any ciders or Octoberfest will be just fine.

3. Sweaters

Last but not least is the cozy sweaters of Fall. You guys obviously may have guessed this one already since I am one to knit and crochet year round, but who doesn’t love to cozy up in their favorite sweater and soft knee socks while they sip their Autumn latte?

Tell me some of your favorite things about the season and favorite Fall colors to see if they make my Autumn knit collection this year!


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