Welcome to my whimsical life filled with all things handmade and magical! 

First off, I wanted to say hello and welcome to all of you! My name is Ashley, maker of all things at Fall But Once.

To tell you a little about myself, I am from Drummond Island, Michigan aka The Gem of the Huron. That is a very important fact because growing up in such a natural place full of small town spirit has played a huge roll not only in shaping who I am as a person, but who I am as an artist. I am a lover of all outdoor activities from hiking to kayaking and also a lover of people. I am so inspired by where people come from and how they grew up so feel free to share your stories!

I have found myself residing in the great land of Chicago where I work with children to make art and continue to develop my personal practice.

My art is a collection of paintings, drawings, knit items, and sewn pieces. My intention is to create with as much color and texture as possible to celebrate a rich palette that appeals to children and adults alike, bringing out all of our playfulness and the magic of the world. I hope I can inspire other souls to be happier in making and happier in life.

Love you all and thanks for following me!


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