Inspiration: The Fashion World

With Fashion week among us I wanted to share with you all a little snippet of what inspires Me in terms of fashion and how it correlates with my art work.

So, some of you have messaged me wondering how I stay inspired enough to keep making everyday and the truth is that it isn’t really an option for me to stop working or run out of ideas right now because making is my full time job. I have to constantly be presenting a variety of items to reach as many people as possible because “ain’t no rest for the wicked, money don’t grow on trees.”

With that being said, I still do feel uninspired sometimes but I just try to find ways to stay motivated. Sometimes it’s a walk, looking at old work, or reading a magazine...but lately my go to has been to get back to my fashion roots and create vision boards. This helps me with fashion and with painting because its not so much about content for me. My work is more about color and texture, so by layering different elements in this fashion context, my brain starts to get back on track in terms of process.

Comment with what gets you inspired!

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