New Items, New Mission

Hello Everyone!

My latest mission is to support other women makers in the US. In order to do this I have started to buy wholesale from women with missions that I love who sell handmade items in America. 🎨⠀

My first step in doing this was to purchase these handmade dresses for little girls. I love the design and materials and wanted to bring little girls back to my childhood when all of my best clothes were handmade by my grandparents. I did this with a lot of thought and below I have shared some of the reasons why this new mission is so important to me.⠀

Firstly, my Great Great Grandma Fern had her own little gift shop on Drummond Island long before it was a thought to support women in business and at a time when it must have been beyond remarkable for a woman to be able to support herself and her family while making money from her own business at the same time. When my Grandma Martha tells me stories about her, all I can think of is how great of a woman she must have been to have the courage to do this. I find myself wanting to make my ancestors proud while always remembering what they must have gone through to raise a bunch of women (and when I say a bunch, I mean my family somehow has way way more girl babies than boys) who can support themselves.⠀

I also want to support women in business while running my own because every woman should feel empowered to do something that she loves and I never want a little girl to question whether their dream job is within arms reach. ⠀

Women have only been able to vote since 1920 and we have come so far to be able to even think that we can run a business, be a CEO, run for president, be a doctor, be a teacher, be a mother as a choice and not an obligation, be anything we want to be, and I want to see this upward climb continue.⠀

I support women makers because I want the economy to thrive and typically studies show that women who make money do a pretty good job of pouring their money back into the economy helping our entire country to grow.⠀

I could go on and on, but I am supporting women in business and I hope you will too. 💕💕😊

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