The Accessory That Deserves It’s Own Article

It was a hot Summer day and I decided why not sit under a pile of warm wool and acrylic yarn and crank out a bulky shawl. I wasn’t sure what this piece would become but I knew as my wrists throbbed with pain because of the weight while working on it that I had to push through and create something unique, bulky, and fashionable with the amazing gray resource that I had. As I kept on crocheting this yarn evolved into a shawl that is like the cross between a blanket and a scarf and I LOVE it!

If this amazingly unique piece happens to make it to your closet, you can enjoy the versatility of wearing it as a scarf, hood, shawl, and basically a super cute layer for Fall or Winter.

I hope the owner of this piece will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it and watching it evolve into something great.

Happy Fashion Everyone!


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