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Hello friends and followers!

Happy February and welcome back to my blog!

I hope everyone made it out of the polar vortex feeling inspired by all of the gorgeous natural wonders that happened over that freezing stretch of time!

I wanted to give you all a few of some of my favorite tools to work with...if you have looked through my shop, it is no suprise that I gravitate towards fiber and color, so to get the looks and textures that I create you can try out some of the products below!



Jane Davenport

Artist Loft


Some of these brands aren't the fanciest of all but I like to use things that are affordable to everyone so when I do a demonstration the person interested is able to access the supplies without breaking the bank. So far the only pieces that I have ever made that cracked were when I combined oil and acrylic because acrylic dries quicker than oil. To avoid this, always use acrylic first and let it dry completely or just dont mix an oil based and a water based material in one piece.

Wax Pastels...

Caran D'Ache Geneve

I think these wax pastels are the most expensive supply I have among my cabinets, but they are so smooth and magical to work with! After you draw your subject you just add a little water and watch these blend like a watercolor paint. It is so easy to control where the color goes and they also mix together really well.


I use all different brands but my one rule is that they need to be gallery wrapped. If the canvas is really small I will just go with the regular staled back but gallery wrapped is just nicer to look at and more expensive so therefore I can increase the price of a painting.


Peruvian Wool




I like to use a range of yarn so that I can accomodate multiple budgets. I also like to be able to make items for people with allergies and babies so it is important for me to use multiple yarn types.

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