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February is one of the hardest months of the year in my opinion because no matter what part of your life you are in, there is so much pressure and it feels like winter is just dragging on. With Valentine's day being so commercialized and so many people out their who are single, in a struggling relationship, in a new relationship, or just depressed because of winter and all of the other combinations of life, I thought it would be a great month to choose a book about well being.

Book Pick: Namaslay

Author: Candace Moore

I have had this book for a few years now and I am constantly referring back to it. Weather you are just starting to become more mindful, beginning a yoga journey, or are more advanced in your yoga practice, this is a great pick for all levels. Even if you aren't into yoga, this is a book for you because it has step by step guides of stretches that are great if you are just sore and tired, and let's be honest, who isn't in need of a little restoration. This book has helped me have a better life and I hope that it can do the same for all of you.

"My hope is that it serves to help you to live your most authentic life" 

-Candace Moore

Author of Namaslay

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